Pet Dentistry in Albuquerque, NM

Maintaining proper dental care is crucial to your pet’s overall health and well-being. Our skilled vets have in-depth knowledge and training to conduct specialized dental cleanings and treatments tailored just for each unique pet.

Periodontal disease can affect any animal, irrespective of their breed or size, and taking extra preventive care or having treatment early can boost your pet’s dental hygiene and oral health. Frequent check-ups ensure early detection of potential problems, preventing discomfort and enhancing overall wellbeing for your cherished exotic pet.

Dental Care for Exotics

Just like our beloved cats and dogs, exotic pets also require consistent dental care for a healthy life. Whether it’s a magnificent parrot or an enchanting chinchilla, the oral hygiene of each species is important.

The beak of your bird or the mouth of your reptile may seem fine externally but possible internal threats could exist that only expert veterinary care can accurately uncover and handle with precision.

a green iguana lizard on a tree

a cat is about to have a teeth cleaning by a veterinarian

Our Services

We offer a range of dental services to ensure your pet’s oral health is in the best possible condition.

Dental Issues We Treat

Understanding the various dental issues that can impact treasured pets is crucial. Our specialists are prepared to tackle a wide array of conditions, from periodontal disease – a prevalent issue in dogs – to more unique problems such as oral tumors.

Poor breath and other symptoms of dental disease should not be simply disregarded as it could indicate serious dental ailments.

Exotic pets present their own set of challenges concerning dental health care. Proven training and experience are essential when handling these unusual cases. Whether you have a canine or an exotic animal, our professionals here at SWVMC are ready to provide preventative care and treatments tailored specifically for your pet’s needs, ensuring optimal oral health.

Our Procedures

Your animal companion’s oral health is our priority, and we have designed meticulously-planned procedures designed to promote your pet’s well-being. Regular dental cleanings are performed by our experienced team to halt the progression of any existing dental illnesses and prevent periodontal disease and other oral problems.

With the use of state-of-the-art veterinary dentistry tools, gentle yet effective care is guaranteed for dogs, cats, and even exotic pets. Recognizing that dental hygiene plays a crucial role in overall pet health, oral surgery is also offered when necessary under the safest conditions.

Thanks to extensive training and unwavering care and dedication,, we are proud to offer comprehensive preventative care that is specifically tailored for each beloved animal’s wellness needs.