To the pet families of Southwest Veterinary Medical Center,

With more of us getting vaccinated against SARS-CoV2, CDC recommendations changing and most places opening up in some form or another, we will be changing as well.

We are still considered an “essential business” in the state of New Mexico and need to control the number of people coming in to the building.

Keeping our staff safe (so that WE don’t have to close) as well as our clients is a big priority for us.  Who will take care of our pet family members if you or our staff gets sick?

With that in mind, we will be conducting business as follows as of July 1 st:

  1. Masks are still required for EVERYONE coming into the building even if you have been vaccinated.
  2. Owners are now welcome to come into the lobby.
  3. A veterinary technician will come out to take you and your pet into an exam room where the doctor will come to examine your pet, thus resuming our usual routine.
  4. If you prefer, you may still stay outside or in your car and we are happy to continue to provide curbside service to you!  Please call when you arrive and let us know you are here!

If you have ANY questions regarding our policy please call our office. SVMC has always kept our hospital clean; like most of you we have increased our cleaning and have focused on frequently touched surfaces using products known to be effective against viral pathogens, specifically COVID-19. Areas we most focus on are door handles, counter tops and frequently touched items. We will have hand sanitizer available to use throughout the hospital; if you don’t see any please ask and it will be provided to you.

It’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT if you are experiencing flu like symptoms to please call our office to make arrangements. We will do our best to help your pet, but it may mean rescheduling the appointment or having someone else bring your pet in.

We appreciate you and your support for us while we care for your loved ones. Our goal is to safeguard the interest of our clients and patients while ensuring the health of our staff.

Thank you for your understanding and allowing us to be:

Your Other Family Doctor
Staff at Southwest Veterinary Medical Center